Friday, October 5, 2012

Movin’ on Up: The Quest for the Perfect NYC Apartment (Part 4)

Moving is hard. Like, really hard. So hard that I almost don't want to blog about it and relive the madness.

I had never really done a big move before. I moved to college, but that was only 50 minutes from home and I had my family's help. And their minivan. I moved to Boston for grad school. That was a bit more dramatic. My mother drove me out there and proceeded to scrub the blinds and the refrigerator and unpack all of my things and basically be Cinderella while I collapsed across the bed and sobbed, woe-is-me/Ugly Stepsister style. And then she had the gall to leave me there in a comfortable apartment (mostly furnished by my two roommates), which is exactly what I asked her to do except that when the time came, I didn't want her to leave. That was in the pre-cell phone era, so I felt way too far away. (Thanks, Mom! You're the best!)

Moving home from Boston was fun because I discovered that when the rich seniors left Boston College (I was a campus RA at the time), they also left month-old grills and patio furniture behind. They did this in the same way that they left their old beer cans scattered across their tiny lawns for enterprising Asian ladies to collect and return to the store. I could not believe that so many wonderful things were left for the taking! So I took a few. Furniture items, that is. Not beer cans. Again, my family was there with the minivan and we had a stuffed-to-the-gills drive home.

Next, I moved to New York City with exactly two suitcases. I ended up collecting more things while here, all of which my parents had to haul home when I left to go on tour with Fosse. When I moved back to the city after tour ended, I again had two suitcases and a new travel philosophy that I planned to implement in my non-tour life: "If it doesn't fit in my two suitcases, I don't want it."

That philosophy ended up buried in my closet, along with my mountain of sale rack clothes and living supplies that I hoard like a suburbanite even though I really have no room for them.

So this was my first move with a fully-stocked bedroom, my roommate's fully stocked bedroom, multiple pieces of furniture, and no minivan.

How did it all go? Stay tuned...


  1. ceciliamc1@aol.comOctober 5, 2012 at 9:04 PM

    I didn't want to leave you, my Sweet! (Cleaning made me feel like I had purpose and that I could somehow support you.) Even though you had moved away before, to undergrad college, I wasn't really prepared for the sadness that hit when I had to leave you in that Boston apartment, defenseless, it seemed, without a car, and six hours away. I must have cried for half of my trip home. But you rose to the challenge, you always do, and were all the stronger for it!

  2. Mom, if it weren't for you, I'd still be sitting in that bedroom with unpacked boxes all around me. Haha! Thank you!!